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This is a sick basketball game I've been making for a couple months. 15 game modes, 11 levels, 20 characters. Check it out,  it's tite.

try the game in your desktop/laptop browser here


this is a link to the most up to date info and change logs 


change log for current version:

any questions, suggestions or bugs, go to the forums at the bottom of the pageand gimme a holler or just click this link https://level5.itch.io/level-5/community

hopefully, finally fixed android issue where database would not install properly on ARM64 devices


- fixed issue where long shots on level 1 were blocked by boundaries causing the shot to not reach the goal
  I believe this is a corrupted database issue and and am working on a fix
- minor player fixes. 
    ball release position was off by a little on a few characters
    player drops ball on knockdown
    ui stats not displaying some percentages correctly
- added mouse droid on levels 'slab' and 'time jail'
- added lawyer billboards and Skeleton and Son, Federal Breast Inspector, PI to relevant levels
- player leveling system
  note : you can level all players in free play even if they are not unlocked for game modes
- new characters 
Wizards of Boat (when chosen one of the two is randomly chosen to spawn. working on a tag in system)
- new level - Nexus
- new vehicle - Dr Blood with a jetpack
- new cheerleaders : Skidmark and Dan Russell
- tons of npc for background use
- new accuracy variables; Range and Release plus a UI range meter that gives current range %
  : Range affects shot distance. Default value = 25 ft, on level up + 5 ft
    example -- range = 40 ft, shot distance = 50 ft give you a 40/50 = 80% chance to reach the rim
  : Release affects shot height, Default value = 70, on level up + 1
    example -- release = 70 gives a 70% chance of removing accuracy modifer 
- crapload of refactors and optimizations
- animated basketball finally. it looks like crap
- Free play allows player leveling of unlocked players
- new arcade mode - Free play but with no player leveling and max stats.
- changed some game modes length from 2 minutes to 3 minutes
- added Moneyball game modes to PC, MAC, LINUX buids
- upgraded UI to full HD (1920 x 1080)
- disabled unlock players and achievements for this build. not working well with player leveling.
- added music to levels. 1 track only. if you dont like, tough shit. it's a banger.
- boosted overall game performance by approximately 40%
- available dev options:
max player stats : left shift + 4
toggle fps display : left shift + 5

Android notes : 


- added max stats button to pause screen
- added toggle fps button to pause screen
- added toggle ui stats button to pause screen

- had to disable lighting for android builds. for some reason some levels drop to 20-30 fps with lighting.
  other testers report 60 fps across the board but I cant achieve it with lighting on my device. lighting   options will be restored when resolution options are implemented.
- build testing :
(desktop) :I7-8700K, RTX 2070 8gb VRAM, 16GB RAM 
with lighting avg 800-1100 fps, no lighting 1400-1900 fps
(laptop)  :AMD A10-9600P RADEON, AMD Radeon R5 512mb VRAM, 8gb RAM
with lighting avg 70-80 fps, no lighting 90-110 fps
(android) : Samsung Galaxy Tab A10, 2gb RAM
[v-sync ON :  target 60 fps] 
with lighting avg 45-60 fps, no lighting 60 fps

- screen dpi is now set to native resolution. working on option screen for quality settings.

Touch controls


UI Button : tap to select button, then double tap to activate

UI Option Change : tap option to select, swipe up/down on right side of screen to change option

Direction : touch screen (hold) + move direction on left side of screen

Run : ON by default. No toggle

Jump : (with basketball) tap on right side of screen

Shoot : (with basketball and in air) tap on right side of screen /

Swipe up on right side of screen

Call ball to player : (without basketball) tap on right side of screen

Enable Moneyball : moneyball modes removed from mobile right now

Pause game : (non pause menu) swipe down on right side of screen

(pause menu) tap ‘cancel’ button to select, then double tap button

start game or whatever : start / submit

Toggle always run : ON by default

Toggle ui stats : not implemented yet

Toggle Camera view : not implemented yet


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level5_v3.3.2_mac_osx.zip 54 MB
level5_v3.3.2_windows_x86_64.exe 43 MB
level5_v3.3.2.1_ARM7_ARM64.apk 65 MB

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