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This is a sick basketball game I've been making for a couple months. 15 game modes, 11 levels, 20 characters. Check it out,  it's tite.

try the game in your desktop/laptop browser here


this is a link to the most up to date info and change logs 


change log for current version:

any questions, suggestions or bugs, go to the forums at the bottom of the pageand gimme a holler or just click this link https://level5.itch.io/level-5/community


- added sunglasses to some levels that enable you to see through the lies of the jedi!
  added vignette to effect, peformance reduced by roughly 7-9fps. this is too high of a 
  performance hit-- 
- change sprite mesh to full rect reduced verts + tris count by roughly 80-90%
- new player : Baby, my neighbor's cat
- added 8 enemies ninja, james, ian, executioner, werewolf, nza, old real, wizard
- added 20 player attacks, player special attacks, and blocking 
- added fan section. currently 12 set npcs
- disabled traffic, currently reworking
- disabled lighting for performance
- disabled particle simulators (snow, fog, etc)
- moved 4 point line back to 40 feet
- added hardcore option : disables shot, range meter, and call ball to player
  implemented selectable option and highscore displays if hardcore mode enabled on high score

- available dev options:
toggle run : left shift + 1
toggle ui display : left shift + 2
max player stats : left shift + 3
toggle fps display : left shift + 5
instantiate rob : (lightning strike knocks down all enemies) left shift + 6

attack controls: controls displayed on pause screen
attack : hold block + press shoot
special : G / mouse middle / button east 
block : [without ball] space / mouse right / button south
attack : hold:screen top left + tap:screen right
special : hold:screen left + double tap:screen right
block : hold:screen left


Touch controls


UI Button : tap to select button, then double tap to activate

UI Option Change : tap option to select, swipe up/down on right side of screen to change option

Direction : touch screen (hold) + move direction on left side of screen

Run : ON by default. No toggle

Jump : (with basketball) tap on right side of screen

Shoot : (with basketball and in air) tap on right side of screen /

Swipe up on right side of screen

Call ball to player : (without basketball) tap on right side of screen

Block: hold top right screen 

Attack : hold top right screen + tap right side of screen

Special Attack : hold top right screen + double tap right side of screen

Enable Moneyball : moneyball modes removed from mobile right now

Pause game : (non pause menu) swipe down on right side of screen

(pause menu) tap ‘cancel’ button to select, then double tap button

start game or whatever : start / submit

Toggle always run : ON by default

Toggle ui stats : not implemented yet

Toggle Camera view : not implemented yet


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level5_v3.3.2_linux_x86_64.zip 59 MB
level5_v3.3.3_windows_x86_64.exe 41 MB
level5_v3.3.3_windows_x86_64.zip 54 MB
level5_v3.3.3_mac_osx.zip 51 MB
level5_v3.3.3_ARM7_ARM64.apk 61 MB

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