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level 5 v3.3.4 release
v.3.3.4 changelog - added dunk system. most players should have a basic dunk. get close to goal and jump, dunking is automatic for two pointers. - added new...
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level 5 v3.3.3 release
Major new version that adds attacks, special attacks, and blocking for all 20 characters to fight off enemies that just want to hassle you cuz they're jerks...
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level 5 v3.3.2 android release
================ Android notes : ================ 3.3.2 - added max stats button to pause screen - added toggle fps button to pause screen - added toggle ui st...
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level 5 v3.3.2
**Note android version pulled for a few days due to touch navigation issues with new menu screen for player progression 3.3.2 - fixed issue where long shots on...
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level 5 v3.3.1 - first Android build
3.3.1 change log - tons performance optimizations. (texture compressions, memory management, etc) idk im getting 1500 fps on my computer - gamepad support for u...
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level 5 v3.3.0
3.3.0 change log - new 'vehicle' : Rad Tony on horse, marching squad of robots - added Stats page with top 10 scores for each game mode and all time stats playe...
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level 5 v3.2.0
v3.2.0 change log - new game modes : most consecutive shots. game will not end if Player has a streak of at least 2 consecutive made - new game modes : In the p...
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Level 5 version 3.1.0
Change log: - 5 new characters : AK-47, Rad Tony, Unnamed Character, Johnny Dracula, Sam - 2 new levels : caffe and sudan (from that scene in white men cant jum...
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